Evolving Soul With Anthony: Interviews International Energy Healer Pat Longo


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Pat Longo is an international energy healer who has been teaching spiritual awareness classes for the past 20 years. She has been featured on TLC’s “Long Island Medium” as an accomplished mentor and guide to talented psychic medium Theresa Caputo. Blessed with the extraordinary gift of healing, she has the capability to channel universal energies through her hands. Committed to healing others, she uses this phenomenal gift to restore, correct, and transform energetic imbalances in her client’s energy field. She has miraculously healed countless men, women, and children from disease, addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, and emotional trauma. Pat has channeled long distance healings as far as Australia, England, Japan, and all over the United States. Her regression work is dedicated to helping remove and heal the pain and traumas that have been carried over from the past. Her lectures and classes are designed to teach others the techniques to heal their own lives and bodies allowing them to develop their own natural abilities of mediumship, healing, and divine guidance. Contact Number: 516-433-5279 Email: patlongo1111@gmail.com Website: www.patlongo.net Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/thepatlongochannel

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