Ep. 130 - Perfectionism & Self-love with Emily Pan - The Process


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We’re so excited to share with you another Process episode where we showcase a Pathway member who has manifested something remarkable in their life! Today our guest is Emily Pan, who along with being a businesswoman and TBM enthusiast, is also a former high school classmate of our host Jessica!

Together they discuss Emily’s unique manifestation journey, including how she overcame perfectionism, cultural pressure, codependency. and found success in her professional and personal life. She also shares how she moved from complete heartbreak to self-love. Tune in for amazing insight into the true Pathway experience!

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In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Emily’s unique Taiwanese, Shanghainese, and Buddhist background
  • The cultural and societal pressures she experienced growing up
  • Somatic stress and overcoming freeze responses
  • How she made the DI prompts her own
  • How she navigates perfectionism, people-pleasing
  • Balancing self-respect with respecting elders in your family
  • Navigating her breakup and the shame of leaving a relationship
  • Healing from heartbreak
  • Understanding guilt that often comes with codependency
  • Processing shadow around being ambitious
  • Tips for finding and developing expanders


In The Episode:

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