Ritual of Departure for a Retiring Minister'


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Today's service was the final service of our Minister, Rev. Rob MacPherson after nearly 10 years of service to the Unitarians of South Australia. It was a celebration of thanksgiving for Rob's outstanding service, ministry and leadership within our Unitarian community in South Australia and to the wider Unitarian Universalist movement. But it was also a 'Ritual of Departure' as Rob leaves our Church to commence full-time chaplaincy at nearby Pembroke School. Today's service included contributions from Rob's Spiritual Director during his ministry at our church - Rev. Nicholas Rundle, the Principal of Pembroke School - Mr Luke Thomson, the Director of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, Rev. Sara Ascher, and Church leaders - our President, Jennie Dyster and our Sunday Club Coordinator - David Freesmith. If you missed today's service because of Covid restrictions, now's your chance - to listen on!

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