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Meagan Ruppert works with female coaches who desire to a build legacy coaching business with scalable impact as the co-founder of SCALE Consulting. Our strategies leverage simplicity, systems, and delegation to create a true coaching empire.

Meagan brings a visionary approach to uncover opportunity and possibility in any business - and she brings that vision down to earth with simple strategies to scale revenue and increase profits for her clients.

As the marketing director of a startup coaching company, her strategies and guidance contributed to taking the company from 0-$8 million in revenue in just two and a half years.

She has designed, built and managed 4 Two Comma Club Award-winning funnels for clients and created an online community named Huffington Post's #1 Facebook Group for Female Healers, Creatives and Lightworkers.

Teaming with her business partner, Athena Quinones, Meagan brings possibilities to the table. Their unique and complimentary energy inspires action and creates results for their clients.

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