377: Spinoffs! Spinoffs! Spinoffs!


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004: That's Just Wrong

Our patron Eric Akawie challenges us to name shows that got Wrong Spinoffs, and to correct history by proposing spinoffs that would have been Right!

081: The Lowest Of Decks

Sarah asked: What about creating Star Trek: Lower Decks-style shows for other series? Which low-powered employees from an existing TV show would make for a good spinoff?

125: Second-Generation Spinoff

Lots of spinoffs involve giving side characters the spotlight -- your Rhodas, your Lous Grant. What Lex Ann specifically wants us to imagine are spinoffs that center the CHILDREN of the ancestor series: and we've delivered!

126: Spin Cycle

So maybe MAYBE, Dave didn’t read last week’s EEHG correctly and instead of the prompt being a spinoff featuring children of a show, he thought the challenge was to develop a spinoff OF a spinoff. So that’s what we’re doing this week because the idea has been rattling in his head.

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