RBL 05/31/21 S:9; EP:45; FEAT: FRED SMITH and Guest: DR. CHERILYN LEE


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TEXT EZWAY TO 55678 SOCIAL NETWORK EZWAYWALLOFFAME.COM Brought to you by BRAINTAP.COM Radio Boomers Live Like our FB Page Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST With Host: James Zuley and Reatha Grey Reatha Grey Tech Time: Special Guests: FRED SMITH - Fred Smith is Founder at The Edge Newsletter and also Founder at Canipreneur and COO at Canivision. Hot Topic: News Updates Jim's Gem: Veteran transition... Carmelita's Corner Special Guest: DR. CHERILYN LEE - Dr. Cherilyn Lee has built an amazing following via her radio and television shows featuring top health experts. Her care and cutting-edge health practice, NU Wellness center in Marina del Rey, and her concierge service from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs, China, Japan have placed her in high demand. Many of her patients have household names. Her drive and expertise have also graced The Rose Breast Cancer Society several years since she received awards as Mother of the Year and Angel of the Year. She remains a valued Honorary member.

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