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How is witchcraft hitting us?

I think that many intercessors are now entering into learning about the courts of Heaven. And if you know anything about the courts you have to know the WORD OF GOD! THE LAW- God’s laws in what HE says is right. If you don’t know the word you wont fair well because you won’t know how to fight and you can only fight effectively if you know what God says about a thing.

Because its what God says and NOT WHAT YOU SAY that matters. Because we are entering into a season where God is having HIS SAY about MANY matters in all 7 mountains.

2) If you know the word of God then you also have to know that the enemy has laws/motions/orders/pleadings, edicts, decrees that he uses to fight us with through the occult members (witches/Satanist, Balaam’s Prophets, Jezebel/ its Eunuchs, & fake Christians). The enemy/the occult/ and all these others use the BIBLE/ the HEBREW TORAH because the word of God is ALIVE because God is the word, then they combine Gods’ law and pervert it by using it with Laws of MAGIC. Systems of magic consist of magical laws/rules/spells, written in Grimoire books/spellbooks, or through words of magic pulled out of witchcraft books (known/unknown) to be (layered, structured, written, spoken, frontwards, backwards) within spells, cursings, etc. Against Christians.

AND they misuse the WHEEL OF TIME (if they can place witchcraft marks on it, like they do the tree of Life, and why does this matter? Because if you aren’t tracking with God then you can get easily duped and not even know that witches in your region has messed with your PERSONAL TIME. And the past 3 weeks they have been messing with our time, by getting us distracted, losing time, getting off on ventures we weren’t’ called to get us off of God’s path! And you can only block this in the Courts of Heaven!~ AND they are trying to get AMERICA OFF OF GODS TIME TABLE.

The laws of magic, however, BEND the rules, as there are MAJOR laws, sublaws, there are demonic rules, LIMITATIONS, PATTERNS, edicts/ decrees, motions/ orders/ pleadings, along with various spells, various types of magic that they use, ELEMENTS, witchcraft tools, oils, herbs, foods, connected to EVIL alters, Evil matrixes (which hold spells)- and are interchangeable, which are connected to numbers, or applications of engineering, physics, economics, statistics, as well as various branches of mathematics.

What does that mean to Christians? Its means that the devil has created MATRIXES ON ALL 7 mountains through technology with spells attached to where every time we get on our Iphones/cell phones computer, there is no telling how many spells our eye gates, mind gates, ear gates, touch gates come across which is probably why so many are addicted to them. AND MATRIXES HOLD LAWS because of the mathematics they are developed through like:

Certain sets of matrices form algebraic systems in which many of the ordinary laws of arithmetic (e.g., the associative and distributive laws) are valid but in which other laws (e.g., the commutative law) are not valid. These laws can be used with Magical laws, Universal, Hermeneutical, Scientific laws , Spiritual laws (Kabaylan, Biblical, Hebrew) to lock things into place and the world has no idea how this has been done! And there are ELEMENTS that are connected to mathematical equations as there are ELEMENTS in Witcchraft which can be used within equations, within their spells, for example: If A + B is the subset of C what does C equal? This is how quantum physics got introduced into the equation of intercession.

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