Chuck Berry: The Original King of Rock and Roll


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Chuck Berry (1926-2017) was the original King of Rock and Roll. That is according to Jon Brewer, and being referred to as 'God of rock docs,' he should know.

Jon discusses Chuck Berry and the making of his documentary about the American icon. The film tells the story of Chuck’s life through the lens of his relatives and friends, and also uses dramatic reenactments of certain situations Chuck Berry lived through.

Jon goes on to share a host of amazing stories drawn from his 50 years in the music business. He worked with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, he was David Bowie's manager at one point, he produced some of Gerry Rafferty's songs, and he spent significant time with B.B. King. And that's just to name a few.

As Jon has more documentary projects under way, Factual America will be following his work and bring him back for more exciting stories about iconic musicians.

“Chuck Berry was the original king of rock and roll. He was a poet, he invented many words, and he created the teenage audience.” - Jon Brewer

Time Stamps:

02:06 - Who Chuck Berry was. 04:23 - Where the audience can watch the film. 05:55 - What made Chuck Berry so special. 12:53 - What some of his most famous songs are. 14:16 - His storytelling skills and how his music inspired The Beatles. 18:25 - How prison changed Chuck and why he opened up a mixed-race club. 23:36 - The leisure park he developed and ran. 26:45 - How his wife reacted to his autobiography. 29:20 - What Chuck’s family thinks about him, and the respect for the fortune in real estate that he made. 35:01 - Stories Jon heard from B.B. King about the difficulties with getting paid as a black performer. 37:20 - How the entertainment industry has changed in the last 50 years. 41:58 - Chuck’s criminal past and the time he spent in prison. 48:07 - Why Jon decided to create reconstructions of certain events in the documentary. 57:12 - Other artists Jon has worked with. 1:04:08 - The film Jon’s now working on. 1:10:11 - The ways film and music are coming together. 1:14:55 - Chuck’s involvement in producing the song ‘Baker Street’, and how he knew Gerry Rafferty.


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