03: How Long Does It Take to Resolve a Product Liability Lawsuit


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Medical and health cases typically arise from detrimental effects to one’s health due to a faulty product. If this is the case, an individual may need to file a product liability lawsuit. Bringing cases like this to court can take years to resolve and there are many factors that can dictate the process. If you are currently involved in a product liability lawsuit or want to learn more about the process in which one occurs tune in to this episode of Failed Hips and Harmful Drugs with Attorney Clay Hodges.

Topics include:

  • Working with cases in multi-district litigation
  • Recalibrating your idea of how justice works
  • Factors to consider in a product liability case
  • Delays in getting a settlement or other resolution of your case.
  • Post-trial motions
  • Motion for new trial
  • Filing an appeal
  • Getting a resolution before filing a lawsuit

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