11: Excessive Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment: A Conversation with Dr. Jerome Hoffman


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While many of us think critically and “do our own research” when it comes to our healthcare, that often is not enough when the media we consume is inaccurate and driven by profit. Today’s guest, Dr. Jerome Hoffman, is a professor of medicine and emergency medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine, who is passionate about the problems of over-diagnosing and over-treating patients.

Dr. Hoffman discusses the power of profit in the pharmaceutical world and how it impacts our medical treatment. Dr. Hoffman wants to see change in the medical field by teaching people to be more thoughtful and careful about their own healthcare.

Join Clay in this insightful and highly informative episode to learn more about what really goes on behind the scenes of American healthcare.

Show Highlights:

  • Why is healthcare so expensive in the United States?
  • The “myths” of American healthcare
  • Common mistakes the medical system makes when over-diagnosing
  • What drives over-diagnosis in America
  • How money influences Big Pharma
  • Ways that gifts are used to build bias
  • The power of “friendship” within companies
  • How to stay ethical in the medical field
  • Why are blockbuster drugs problems for patients
  • How pharmaceutical companies decide what goes on the market
  • How the American healthcare compares to other countries
  • Reforms Dr. Hoffman believes would improve the healthcare system



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