There’s a Rock in my Sandal


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This week's episode features Rev. Christopher Simonton and focuses on Genesis 13.
The Bible as a whole is a quest: God’s story and decision to redeem fallen humanity and be with them through the person and work Jesus Christ.

Abraham’s story, along with ours here today, is part of that grant story. His story goes on for a while here in Genesis. He went through years of learning to trust God. Jesus said that Abraham saw his day and was glad. He was glad in his choice to give his life to God. Here are three things that set Abraham on the right path from Genesis 13 onward:

  1. Abraham listened to God. (Vs14)
  2. Abraham walked with God. (Vs17)
  3. Abraham worshiped God. (Vs 18)

Like Abraham, our lives matter in the grand story that God continues to tell. God is on the move and we are to be ready.

  1. As we listen, God speaks through us.
  2. As we walk, God shows us where to show his love.
  3. As we worship, God makes this place into the Promised Land where we and others have a real, divine encounter with Jesus Christ.

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