Episode 140 - Star Wars Prequels


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It’s time to discuss the Star Wars prequels! So... what's all this about the hero's journey? We hope you're ready for some SPICY Star Wars opinions, because we've got them. We are overwhelmed with them. Please relieve us of some of our many spicy opinions.

Some Links You Might Find Interesting

"The Phantom Menace": Repetition, Variation, Integration by Anne Lancashire

“In That Time . . . ” in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Epic Myth-Understandings and Myth-Appropriation in Star Wars by John Thompson

"Let Me Tell You" by Cecilia Tan

New Hope: The Postmodern Project of Star Wars by Will Brooker

“You Were the Chosen One!” Darth Vader and the Sequential Dynamics of Villainy in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy by Tara Lomax

The Jedi Knights of Faith: Anakin, Luke, and Søren (Kierkegaard) by William A. Lindenmuth

“Thank the Maker!”: George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and the Legends of Transtextual Authorship across the Star Wars Franchise by Tara Lomax

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