The Breakfast Club (w/ Bill O’Donnell)


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"This is what an entire diaspora of edgelords is to going to base their personality on." -Bill, The Brain

"When I smoke locker-weed, I just gotta dance, y'all." -Helen, The Basketcase

"Did you ever have Saturday school? ...If it's expunged, you don't have to tell us." -Valerie, The Criminal We came together on a non-school-day to discuss one more (the last?) '80s movie mentioned by Olive in Easy A. Its chick-flickness may be dubious, but we were still delighted to have our good friend Bill O'Donnell back on to talk about the John Hughes for-real classic The Breakfast Club. We learned a lot about ourselves -- and a whole lot about the effects of athletic tape on hairy buttcheeks. Helen's whiny and pee-filled dog Walter also makes a cameo toward the end. Check out Bill on our When Harry Met Sally episode! Check out Bill's cousin Lisa Genova's new book Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting! And download and/or stream our 100th episode -- 16 Candles -- to help us contribute to Stop AAPI Hate and RAINN!

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