166: More Different With Age


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Gone are the days that shipping a game meant it was "done", and the development team would move on to a new project. In the 2020s, like other software, distributing games over the internet can mean spending more time and money creating a new experience than what lead up to the launch date. Games that were "finished" years ago can see updates that fundamentally change the experience. Sometimes this is by design. Sometimes it's because the game that was launched was a dud.
Vinnk and Sean discuss whether this behavior is throwing good money after bad, or if it's a model that's here to stay... and whether that's a good thing, plus games we wish we could play as they used to be, but no longer can. In Pile of Shame, Sean describes getting back into No Man's Sky for the first time in nearly four years, and Vinnk shares his newfound love of Chess and 50 other worldwide classics with Clubhouse Games for Nintendo Switch.
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