Ep 511 - Special - One Hit Wonders!


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Having a hit record is hard enough – try doing it twice! Today’s special episode is filled with the stories behind the songs you know so well… from the artists that you don’t.

How did the real-life “Sharona” and “Jenny” feel about the songs written for them? (Spoiler – one of them loved it. The other? Not so much.)

Also - What group turned their failure as a bar band into a #1 hit? And why did one group have to hide their identity before a radio station agreed to play their song?

Plus, Ivan from Men Without Hats explains how getting thrown out of Ottawa discos inspired “The Safety Dance” and Marc Almond from Soft Cell talks about the surprising success of “Tainted Love”.

We’ve also got the stories behind “Video Killed The Radio Star”, “Shannon”, “I Can Help”, “Harden My Heart”, “What I Am”, plus the disco smashes “Knock On Wood” and “I Love The Night Life” (which both Christopher & Tom try to sing… and it’s not pretty).

And we end it all with One Hit Wonder Cool Song Facts!


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