706 - Special Beatles Edition! The last years of the Fab Four


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As Peter Jackson’s highly anticipated “Get Back” film finally gets released, we celebrate with our own Beatles special. In this episode, we focus in on the final years of The Fab Four with some incredible Beatles audio - stuff that would definitely make Peter Jackson envious! Joining us this week is Beatles nut Jay Michaels of Newstalk 1010 in Toronto.

Among the highlights:

  • In 1969, Paul and George talk about their upcoming film “Let It Be” (which is literally the same footage that Peter Jackson uses for “Get Back). Paul seems excited about the film, George says he “can’t stand it”
  • John Lennon talks about how Paul was the driving force for the band in the latter years.
  • Paul talks about the influence of Yoko on John and how it affected the band’s cohesion.
  • We (finally) have plenty of Ringo content too! He talks about joining the band and what led to the breakup
  • John and George talk about the possibility of a Beatles reunion in the ‘70s
  • McCartney remembers an emotional Liverpool concert after John’s death
  • Producer George Martin reflects on the breakup of the band and reuniting with the surviving lads for the “Anthology” series
  • One of the Beatles major influences, Little Richard, explains what the Beatles learned from him (Richard is no shrinking violet in this clip!)

Christopher, Tom & Jay also discuss the enduring legacy of the Fab 4. They also speculate on how the band’s music will hold up in the future. Also, what if they had stayed together? Would solo hits like “Imagine”, “My Sweet Lord”, “Photograph” and “Band On The Run” sounded different as Beatles songs?

And each of us choose three songs that we would play for non-fans to turn them on to The Beatles.


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