707 - Taylor Swift! Peter Frampton! Best music books to give as gifts!


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This week, we have a 2014 chat with a very enthusiastic Taylor Swift, who is happily promoting her first pure pop album, 1989. It’s a brief but very entertaining chat as Taylor riffs about her fans and her new sound.

We also have a 2020 chat between Peter Frampton and Marilyn Denis (courtesy of her show, “Marilyn Denis Does A Podcast”). Peter talks about the chaos of the “Frampton Comes Alive” era and how even he got sick of himself. Peter also talks about how his childhood friend David Bowie helped to save his career.

A new book called “They Just Seem A Little Weird” details the rise of Aerosmith, Kiss & Cheap Trick in the 1970s. Tom chats with author Doug Brod about the rivalry between KISS & Aerosmith, the unique sound of Cheap Trick and how all three bands are inextricably linked. There’s also the cautionary tale of the band Starz, a group that grew from the ashes of a one hit wonder but never managed to hit the heights of success.

And on the topic of books… do you have a big music fan in your life who loves to read? Christopher & Tom give you a complete rundown of books that would make a great gift for that person – or yourself. Whether you’re a fan of Joni Mitchell, Springsteen, Tom Petty or Steve Nicks or just want to check out some great music fiction – we’ve got some great recommendations for you!

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