Roll 20 & the D&D Community (2018)


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What is going on in the d&d community? Last week Reddit (and the community) blew up over Roll 20. DawnforgedCast & Taking 20 came forward with information about Nolan Jones (Co Founder of Roll 20) and their varying opinions on an incident that occurred. Web DM had their own opinions on the matter and the community is split! Please stick around to the end of this one for a message to the TTRPG community. *Bre's Reference to Jim at the end is toward "internet Jim" people that call things The Internet, The Facebooks, etc.. she is poking at me and not the situation* Dawnforgecast's video: Taking 20 : __________________________________________ Find all your GM needs and more at We are proudly Sponsored by: Scabard RPG Manager - Looking for an easy way to manage your campaign and all of those notes? Scabard is a freemium web based site that allows GMs and Players to easily access all of their material. Its unique linking features allow for easy viewing of your characters, plot, locations, and timeline. _ We would also like to thank our Patrons & true producers of the Show: Trey Alsup Clyde Clark World's Okayest GM FGC (Fantasy ... === Original video: Downloaded by on Wed Jul 29 18:56:13 2020 Available for 30 days after download

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