Fantástico Mundo de Y4PU 16


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Set List:
1.Marcelo Nassi, Rafael Yapudjian Feat. Roland Clark - This life (Bas Roos & Nick De Morsain's Phunk Division)
2.JazzyFunk - Stay One More Night (Original Mix)
3.Tony Barbato - Deep Down (Main Mix)
4.Thomas Krauze, Dropboss, Stee Downes - Prove It To Me
5.Soledrifter - Friend And Foe
6.Miguel Migs - Down To It
7.Audiowhores - Gonna Be Mine (Original Mix)
8.Marcelo Vak and Alex Roque Feat. Leon Cormack - Groovin Tonight
(Sprite Remix)
9.Serge Devant Feat. Rachael Starr - You and Me (Betoko Remix)
11.Da Luka - Body Language
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