Episode 09 – Awkward Vibes


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Nightarch – the place you go to get gigs that…might not be 100% above board. The crew of the Calamity is ready to start a new job, but will it be the solution to their troubles, or will their stroke of bad luck continue?

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Far Beyond the Stars is a Fantastic Worlds Production. Visit us at fantasticworldspod.com

Far Beyond the Stars is a Fantastic Worlds Production.

GM – Abbie Lammel (@bonanzafamine)
Friday Francisco – Dustin Alexander (@dustinalexander)
Miss Fanny – Angel Espinoza (@espinoza916)
Ballad Serenade – Jess Negin (@hanktheclank)
Seren Casurus – Heidi Owens (@vamihilion)

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