EP. 31 - DEZNUTS (Rise of the Deseret Nation)


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Lingering within the digital hinterlands of the internet there is a nation of peoples who by some accounts are peacful minded christians seeking to discuss the fulsome tenets of their religion with fellow devotees. By other accounts this digitized nation represents a shadow army of theocrats plotting a violent overthrow of secular society. Welcome to DEZNAT, a so-called nation that is not what it seems. We’ll uncover it’s many controversies in our feature. And seeing as October is here we’ll try our hands at prognostication. What other surprises does the future have in store for us? How will 2020 actually end — will it end? We’ll let you in on our predictions in our FAR OFF TOMORROW segment. * * * FULL SNOW NOTES: Far Off Topic YouTube * * * Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. *

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