April 11, 2021 | On GPS: How to pay for Biden's big dollar plans; re-engaging with Iran; Turkey's illiberal democracy


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Airdate April 11, 2021: Trump slashed corporate tax rates in his tenure as president. Biden has taken haste to undo that, securing funding for his new American jobs plan. Fareed talks to Wally Adeyemo, U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury. And, the Iran deal - can the U.S. and Iran resume talks? Should they? Fareed has a great debate with an all-star panel. Then, at another negotiating table, an awkward game of musical chairs in Turkey left one European leader without a seat. What this scene might say about Turkey's continuing slide away from the West…and away from democracy.

GUESTS: Wally Adeyemo, Kim Ghattas, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Vali Nasr, Diane von Furstenberg

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