April 25, 2021 | On GPS: What should the West make of Putin's ominous warning not to cross Russia’s “red line”?; The word “genocide” gets tossed around a lot – what is the history & true meaning of the word?


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Airdate April 18, 2021: Fareed offers his Take on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause and the damage it may have done. Then, Vladimir Putin warned the West this week not to cross Russia’s “red line”. What does that mean? And what to make of the massive build-up of Russia troops on its border with Ukraine? Fareed talks to Radek Sikorsky, the former Foreign Minister of Poland who has negotiated with Putin. Also: words matter. On Saturday, President Biden declared the mass killings of Armenians in WWI a genocide, but what does that word mean? Fareed talks to expert Philippe Sands. And, after global leaders made pledges to cut emissions at a U.S.-convened climate summit this week, will developing nations follow suit? M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, weighs in. Plus, Covid's devastating comeback in India. The Guardian's Hannah Ellis-Petersen reports on the “COVID hell” that India is experiencing. And, finally, why nuclear power is the more sustainable option for the future of energy production.

GUESTS: Radek Sikorski, Philippe Sands, M. Sanjayan, Hannah Ellis-Petersen,

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