Quacks In The Field – Farmer Jeff Siewicki


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When we think of pasture sounds, it\'s moo, baaa, or whinnies. So why not quacks, clucks and honks.? Well poultry in the pasture is the gateway to farming since the aspiring farmers can start with just a few acres, as did Jeff Siewicki in South Carolina. He had to figure out how to start with low investment and no experience but with passion to spare. Ducks have become the poultry preference in his pasture . With a profitable pasture poultry base he now shares how to farm without buying land, without a tractor, without piling up debt and with getting Chefs to feature his duck. www.instagram.com/farmerjeffs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMbDQeaks1AGr6zZRpQ_fPQ https://farmingtribe.com/tabletalk

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