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      • Hoyt2, 08/05/2021 - Highly recommend
        • Love the podcast guys. Very educational and entertaining. Keep up the good work!!
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  • Delaney Howell
    • Howell grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Southeast Iowa
    • She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural sciences and minors in broadcasting and international studies from Northwest Missouri State University.
      • She has a Master's degree in agricultural communications through Texas Tech University.
    • Howell is a former host of the 45-year-old agribusiness show “Market to Market”
    • Her daily podcast launched in 2017, Ag News Daily.
    • In 2018, Howell started Global Ag Network, consisting of numerous agriculturally focused podcasts
      • Partnership with Successful Farming
    • Howell works with a variety of ag media outlets, including host of the Spokesman Speaks Podcast on behalf of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation.
      • She is a freelance reporter for This Week in Agribusiness and Agri-Pulse and has a daily radio program on Your Ag Network.
    • She is also the face of Trader PhD of Des Moines as their Chief Marketing Officer.
    • Ag Grad 30 under 30
    • Professional Speaker
    • Got engaged in July 2021 to Blaine Groth – Farmer and Field View Manager
    • Focused on equality for women in AG – mother was and is a strong influence (she has her MBA)
    • Love Food, who doesn’t?
      • Mother taught her to bake
      • Love pumpkin bread and anything pumpkin spice
      • Favorite season is fall
    • What's on her mind?
    • Other hobbies?
      • Who is/was the coolest person you met along the way?
      • What do the most successful farmers have in common?
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