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Main topic – Hiring to find and keep good help

  • Guest – Lori Culler -
    • Lori Culler is the founder and owner of AgHires. She grew up in and around the Agricultural Industry on her family's 3rd generation potato, tomato, and grain operation in Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana. The #1 thing she hears from clients and prospects is they struggle to find good help. It’s the Holy Grail for a farm to have and keep good help around. She is here today to see what we can do to help you have more success in finding good help!
  • On the job training
    • Can you provide value beyond pay by offering valuable skills training?
  • How do we know the candidate will have the motivation to do the job?
    • What can you do to provide the motivation necessary?
  • Now we have candidates that applied, how do we ask the right questions to be able to make a good choice?
    • Situational
    • Behavioral
    • Precise
  • Ask for referrals
    • Employees
    • Vendors
    • Church
  • Recruiting
    • What about searching other local companies? Construction, Co-ops, farms, etc…
      • Is there a trend of people wanting out of the corporate world?
  • Now you have them. How do we keep them?
    • Make sure expectations are clear – makes it easier to get along and keep people happy
    • Incentives, Bonus, Perks, Performance Reviews, Etc…
    • Culture and Leadership
  • Trust your Gut – what does this mean to you?
  • What do you know about bringing in labor for foreign countries?
    • Cost, process, longevity, etc….
  • You know there are farmers out there who don’t feel they need any help, are doing just fine, and can do it themselves. What would you say to an individual such as that?
  • We all know life and farming comes with challenges. What would you say to the listener who doesn’t even know where to start right now?
  • If someone is already working with an advisor. What are somethings you would encourage our listeners to be asking their advisors now?
  • Is there anything else you would like our listeners to learn from our conversation today?
  • What do you see your top producing or top tier of clients doing? –Common traits
  • Summary
  • Challenge
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