Summer Fun w/ Rocking R Cross Cattle - Reagan


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  • Welcome to a Summer Fun episode
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    • Bryan Adams – Just listened to the Thomas Farms Episode, really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!
  • Commercial – Kimberly Ag
    • Family owned, focused on finding the right equipment for your needs, variety of experiences
    • Field day in September 15 & 16
  • @rockin_r_crosscattleco – Reagan from Western Nebraska
    • auctioneer chant - where did this start? - actual auctioneer
    • sense of humor
    • run his own cattle? cow calf? Background?
    • FarmTok Kitchen - from the field cutting wheat
      • Why in the field if a cattleman?
    • beer poster challenge-he’s a fan
    • Any hardships?
    • Medical history - awareness?
      • scar next to his eye
    • What's on his mind?
      • personal property taxes on side by side
    • spring weather 2021 – snow and yuck
      • summer weather 2021 hot and dry
    • what's wrong with word moist
    • most watched tiktok?
      • Other hobbies?
      • What’s it like staying connected to TikTok followers
        • How did you grow that audience
  • Larger Discussions – Segments
    • Farm4Profit Experience 12/2/2021 and 12/3/2021
  • BW Fusion Reminder

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