Tools to Protect Downside Risk in Commodity Pricing


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What’s Working in AG – Advanced Agrilytics (Burkhart Foundation Winner of AD Package)

  • Jason Kohorst – Precision Agronomist for Advanced Agrilytics located around the Carroll, Iowa Area
  • Kent Lingbeil – Lead Agronomist for Advanced Agrilytics for the state of Iowa
  • Advanced Agrilytics was formed out of a necessity to understand the environments in a field at a sub-acre level and understanding how that environment impacts the plant. The founders developed a system that provides farmers an opportunity to maximize productivity and return on investment throughout a farm enterprise. Today, Advanced Agrilytics is expanding rapidly to provide its agronomic technology services to even more customers and is based out of Indianapolis, IN.
  • Our approach to zone management is anything but arbitrary. Our Hex-Grid approach uses 70 hexagon-shaped data points per acre to better identify problem areas and proactively manage in-field performance. Our main focus is identifying in-field environments and managing those environments on a sub-acre level.
  • We are having grower meetings across the state of Iowa in late June, and that is one of the main points we want to make sure to cover, aside from the nuts and bolts of our business.
  • At the end of our short time, one tidbit that we want to include is that we are "delivering on the promise of precision agriculture."

Commercial – AgLeader – They have a solution for every season. Their products and solutions help integrate your entire farm year-round. Use our products to seamlessly connect your equipment and tasks so that your operation runs more efficiently than ever before.

Main topic – Commodity Marketing What do you as a listener have to learn about becoming a better marketer?

  • Guest – Tommy Grisafi
    • Tommy Grisafi, a commodity risk management advisor at Advance Trading in Valparaiso, IN, developed an interest in managing risk in 1990 when he attended a class field trip to the Chicago Board of Trade in High School. Tommy became a recognized member of the CBOT and CME group on his 21st birthday and has maintained this status ever since. In addition to his position as an Ag Risk Management Consultant and an independent trader, he also operates “Ag Squawk,” a weekly roundtable discussion among Ag industry leaders and is getting ready to start his own podcast through AGBull Media!
  • What are we seeing happen in the markets right now? (Corn, Beans, Beef, Pork)
    • Where could this thing go?
      • Dogecoin, GameStop, Bottom fall out?
  • As we talk today, what should our clients be doing?
    • We talked and I shared in my loan portfolio we are on an average 50-60% presold on 2021 beans and 30-40% presold on corn and very few are happy with those sales now.
  • What can be said to those who are feeling bad about early sales?
  • What can we do to take advantage of where we are now, but not limit the upside potential?
    • Flip this, what if we need to buy grain to feed our livestock? What can we do?
  • Fear of Missing Out – (FOMO) have any advice?
    • Is there anything we can do with already sold bushels to help raise the price on those sales?
  • The grain markets right now are playing into a situation with crop insurance that we haven’t had exposure to for a while or ever. What’s going on?
  • If someone is feeling uncomfortable now and looking to start a new relationship. How does it look when you sit down in a meeting with a new client or potential client? How does that start off?
  • How important is a marketing plan to the profitability of one’s farm?
    • Listeners are saying those with marketing plans are over sold…… why still stick to the plan?
  • For someone looking for Marketing Class 101 tools to use in the current market, which tools would you suggest they learn how to use first?
    • For the more advanced marketer, what are some ways they could take their skills to the next level?
  • You know there are farmers out there who don’t feel they need any help, are doing just fine, and can do it themselves. What would you say to an individual such as that?
  • We all know life and farming comes with challenges. What would you say to the listener who doesn’t even know where to start right now?
  • If someone is already working with a marketing advisor. What are somethings you would encourage our listeners to be asking their brokers or marketing advisors now?
  • Is there anything else you would like our listeners to learn from our conversation today?
  • Any other pieces of information to share with our listeners?
    • What do you see your top producing or top tier of clients doing? –Common traits
  • Summary
  • Challenge
  • Commercial - BW Fusion – Focused on bringing innovative Fertility, Nutritional and Technology to the Ag market place. They combine their best-in-class products along with the 365 soil and tissue program to provide growers the tools necessary to address limiting factors in real time.
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