145: Q&A on Time-Crunched Athletes, Zone 1 Rides, and Unstructured Intervals with Hannah Finchamp


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Welcome to 2021. And what better way to kick off the new year than to answer some questions from our devoted listeners.

Today we take on a series of questions that deal with a dilemma many athletes face: deciding which rides or workouts to sacrifice when you’re short on time.

We tackle a question about zone 1 rides and whether you get them on the mountain bike.

We also discuss how to change the type of rider you are, and if it can be done, based on a question from a listener who wants to become a punchy rider.

Finally, we field a question about the differences between structured and unstructured intervals. Are there any downsides to getting your intensity in so-called unstructured ways?

Our guest coach today is Hannah Finchamp. You may know her as a member of the Orange Seal Off-Road Team, but she is also a board-certified athletic trainer and a certified USA Cycling coach. She has degrees in both athletic training, focused on injury prevention, and in exercise science.

Let’s dive into the discussion. Let's make you fast!

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