149: Q&A on Junior Athletes, PVCs, Supplements, and Base Rides, with Daniel Matheny


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Today we first take on the complex subject of coaching junior athletes, including everything from building aerobic base in a healthy manner to dealing with overbearing parents.

We tackle a very interesting question on the base/intensity relationship from Danielle in Monument, Colorado:

“Does aerobic output after intensity still have the same effect? Or does it have an even bigger effect due to substrate depletion and muscle fiber recruitment change? How does this change how I plan my training rides?”

We also discuss how long aerobic rides need to be, based on a question from Ashley in Sherbrooke, Quebec:

“How long do aerobic rides need to be to get benefits? And does this change throughout the season, or as I improve as a cyclist from season to season?”

Then we turn our attention to this question from Jeff P. on heart arrhythmias:

"Do you know if Whoop can ignore or tolerate or take into account premature ventricular contractions? PVCs are pretty common in the population and I started getting them about two years ago. I do get more PVCs when I have more stress but it doesn't seem to have a great correlation with exercise—more so with life stress and caffeine intake."

Finally, we address the potential for cumulative effects of supplements, a question from Dan S.:

"My question is regarding the nutritional effects of the flavonoids in dark chocolates and the nitrates (?) in beetroot. Are the effects of these type of “supplements” cumulative? In other words, if you do them together do you get a greater buffering effect than taking more of either of them in isolation?"

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