How to Set an FKT - #113


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Simple question? Let's hear answers from 3 people who should know: Peter Bakwin - Co-Founder; 26 FKTs (9th overall) Marcy Beard - 32 FKTs (4th overall) Jason Hardrath - 82 FKTs (going for 100!) Peter: • The route resonates with you - personal expression. • Do the homework - practice on it • If it's a new route, convince us why others will want to do it • Consider what might go wrong - then be flexible when something else does "Training is the fun part." Marcy: • Select the route - using the FKT website for distance, vert, difficulty • Is the route cool - is it something that calls to me? • Study and bring maps - get every detail right in advance, including scouting • Lifestyle - move our home to where we want to be, and go for the FKT when the time and weather are optimal "The Garmin Mini is great - it pairs with my phone so I can send texts from anywhere." Jason: • Do the research • Should be a route that is attractive for others; not just something nobody has done yet • Should fit your skill-set and aptitude • Commit to it, and respect what it requires "You want a route that demands respect; not a route that you can just show up, and nothing bad can happen."

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