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“It’s a positive and active thing being asleep because not only reconfiguring the chemical reactions in the brain and storing memories, but it does also enable the clearance of some of the more harmful proteins in the brain. That if you like build up during the day its like relaxing other muscles after exercising.” Emer MacSweeney 2020 Join Steve and these weeks guest Dr Emer MacSweeney. Founder of Re:Cognition Health where she specialises in brain and mind health. Emer is a specialist on Alzheimer’s and diseases of the brain don’t miss this episode so you can keep your brain and mind as healthy as possible. Website - https://recognitionhealth.com/ Twitter / Facebook - @ReCogHealth Dr Emer MacSweeney is a leading London neuroradiologist with experience in both the NHS and the independent sector. Currently, she is the CEO and Medical Director of Re:Cognition Health, where she was awarded the KPMG Entrepreneur of the year award in 2016. Her previous posts include Director

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