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I pulled Cat Pausé away from her scholarly pursuits and her radio show to talk about Charlotte Cooper's Fat Activism. If you have not heard about this book, it is mandatory reading for anyone who takes body liberation seriously. Cooper gives us a rundown of the known history and a lens with which to view the body liberation movement. Cat breaks all this down for us. Her and I get into all the details of this book including:

  • Cat's journey to fat politics and her political activism in New Zealand
  • Why the key too fat liberation has nothing to do with health
  • Defining fat activism
  • The palatability of certain fat activism proxies
  • The different types of fat activism
  • The three "defining" events of fat activism
  • The messiness of activism
  • Cat's experience with burnout and the direction her radio show took because of it
  • The dominance of US voices in the movement
  • What it means to Queer fat activist

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