Episode 735 – Ups and Downs


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This Week: Kevin starts off with a farewell to Charles Grodin. Then he takes a look at the box office from last weekend and what that means for theaters gaining some ground. Next, he looks at new trailers for Fear Street and Snake Eyes. Later in the show, he reviews Army of the Dead, Dream Horse, Final Account, Solos and M.O.D.O.K.. Finally, he wraps things up with a look at The Vigil and Hulu.

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Episode Schedule: NOTE: Reviews begin at indicated time-stamp below.

Part I: Intro, news and Trailer Park, featuring Fear Street and Snake Eyes

Part II: Reviews of Final Account [10:00] and Solos [16:00]

Part III: Reviews of Army of the Deak [19:00] and M.O.D.O.K. [24:55]

Part IV: Review of Dream Horse [29:00], plus the Home-Cinema Round-up featuring The Vigil [34:20]

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