Episode 756 – Halloween Chills


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This Week: Kevin blasts onto the Halloween scene with a look at the James Bond box office and what might be in store for future releases. Then, he looks at trailers for Scream and Cyrano. Next, he reviews Halloween Kills, The Last Duel, Muppets Haunted Mansion, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Halloween (2018). Finally, he heads into the Home-Cinema Round-Up with a look back at Ridley Scott’s Legend.

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Episode Schedule: NOTE: Reviews begin at indicated time-stamp below.

Part I: Intro, news and Trailer Park, featuring Scream and Cyrano

Part II: Reviews of Halloween (2018) [10:00] and Halloween Kills [14:35]

Part III: Reviews of Muppets Haunted Mansion [19:00] and I Know What You Did Last Summer [23:50]

Part IV: Review of The Last Duel [29:00] and the Home-Cinema Round-up featuring Legend [35:00]

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