Make Movement Your Medicine With Kevin Carr CSCS & LMT


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On today's episode of the fat radio podcast, Joe interviews Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Kevin and Joe discuss how to become more preventive against injury instead of being reactive, the importance of really good basics, root cause of neck issues & Plantar fasciitis, how to stay fit as you travel and much more!

Show notes

  • Rather than place band aids on stuff, audit whats going on and ask “why?”
  • Think preventive NOT reactive
  • The quality of exercise determines the outcome
  • Neck issues are often result of us living in an extension based world

o Made worse by stress and respiration issues (vertical breathing patterns).

o Reset respiration problems by checking in throughout the day to see where breathing is coming from and focus on using nose not mouth.

o Think “360 degree” breathing or “everywhere breath” around your low belly, sides and low back.

  • Shin splints/ Plantarfasciitis are often caused by overuse injuries (50% load, 50% muscles) and poor mileage management.

o People often make the mistake of “running to get fit” when it should be “getting fit to run.”

  • Training shoe spectrum:

o First and foremost ask –“how do you feel” in the shoes?

o Practice home foot care; roll bottom of your feet, wiggle your toes, make an arch and work on ankle mobility.

  • Travel Fitness & Nutrition: Find things you can do when you’re traveling.

o “You can’t make perfection out of an imperfect schedule.”

o Focus on keeping a healthy routine, even as small or different as it might have to be.

o Think 1 x 365%

o Its not about the one off, its about the cumulative result.

o Identify healthy snacks you love and bring them with you.

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