Podcast: "Amori Fati" + Kettlebells, Flows and More With The Primal Swoledier Eric Leija


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On today's episode of The Fat m.e.l.t.ing Radio fitness podcast, Joe interviews the "Primal Swoledier Eric Leija! Eric is an Onnit Kettlebell Coach and runs his own workshops all over the country! In this week's Monday motivation, Joe talks about the importance of the Latin phrase "Amor Fati" and how that's important to your happiness. During the interview, Eric shares some of his best kettlebell cues, how he structures his workouts, what he would do if he was limited on time and much more! Show notes -Lateral Activation/Lateral Tension: Rooting yourself into the floor (through fingers/hands and toes/feet) to create the necessary tension to increase your strength. For example, spreading the floor apart with your hands in a push-up or the floor apart with your feet during a swing or squat. -Kettlebell cues to prevent flop back from kettlebell - grab the kettlebell so that your shoulder is packed and internally rotated, with a soft grip on the KB, pull through your back/lats, keeping the KB tight to the midline of the body with your elbow tight, zip it up like your zipping up a jacket then punch your wrist up (keeping your wrist & elbow tight). -Flows are a way to put movements in sequence to increase the training effect and add both a fun and beautiful element to your workouts. -Eric develops his own flows by testing movements back n forth, to find the best matches for fluidity to see which work best together -Eric structures his workouts in the following way: "The meat" or the main lifts, isolation or single joint movements and conditioning -When short on time, Eric uses the EMOM or every minute on the minute where you pick 1-4 movements for a set amount of reps, then utilize the rest of the set for rest. He tests it out for a few rounds to find the right rep scheme/weight to use first. -Eric creates programs he wants to see and tests them all out himself. -A typical day for Eric: Cardio or a KB flow in am, lift for 20-30 minutes then 10 minutes of cardio like jump ropes if he has time or pulls ups -You must be mentally strong for what you ask for -"everything worthwhile is going to be difficult." -Eric's favorite on the go snack is yogurt made from coconut. Related Links https://www.animalflow.com/about/meet-our-team/mike-fitch/

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