S1E16: Dr. Keith Gagnon - The Nation's Mutation, a U.S. Variant


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This is our final interview for Season 1 and it's our biggest one to date: we got a chance to interview Dr. Keith Gagnon, an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at SIU whose lab has uncovered a U.S.-specific coronavirus variant that accounts for about half of the cases in the nation! He has been featured on many major news outlets as more information about this mutation is uncovered. We were so honored he took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us and frankly he filled us with a lot of hope for the future - while the topic of conversation is scary, we were grateful he was able to explain things in layman's terms. We learned a lot and think you will too!
Stay tuned for our end of Season 1 wrap-up episode and our kick-off of Season 2 as we commemorate the one-year anniversary of the pandemic. There are many great things in store and we can hardly wait to share them with you!

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