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This week, Melissa Mann takes time from her work managing lab research for a Children's Hospital to help answer questions and better inform folks about the Vaccine, Covid, and the Delta Variant. Melissa has been conducting research in cell / molecular biology for over 20 years and has always been passionate about science. So, her opinions are well-founded and well research, which we love. She also discusses with us her experience in contracting Covid and offers resources to help answer skeptical questions about the vaccine (see below).
When not in the lab, she enjoys camping and kayaking with her family - human & animal - tending her growing houseplant collection - and a certain nail polish that's a favorite gift in troubled times.



https://www.jhsph.edu/podcasts/public-health-on-call/ (Podcast Public Health on Call)

Note from Melissa: I forgot about a new site that I can't believe I hadn't seen until this week! There are some awesome videos here that might appeal to some who are vaccine-hesitant or just wondering how the vaccines work - https://www.greaterthancovid.org/

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