Don't Go Down To Egypt


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When the king of Judah found himself in a difficult situation, facing a much more powerful nation, he naturally thought of making an alliance with another nation to help him in the fight. But the Lord was adamant that they should not go down to Egypt. The prophet explained why the Lord did not want them to go down to Egypt: (1) because God had already told them to never return to Egypt, (2) because it demonstrates that Judah didn’t really care about God’s counsel or will, (3) because they didn’t really trust the Lord to be able to deliver them, and (4) because His people had lost sight of the bigger picture of being a people for His own possession. As new covenant followers of Christ, we are challenged to consider what it means for us to trust the Lord as we face our own “bread of adversity and water of affliction.” (Isaiah 30.1-7) November 14, 2021

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