FOF #2998 - Dyke It Yourself: Make the Yuletide Gay


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When it comes to making the Yultide gay, lesbians with arts and crafts are where it’s at. There’s no better way to celebrate than by grabbing a glue gun, some tinsel and some glitter and decorating your home to look like the church Christmas bazaar had a little too much eggnog.
But if you faint at the thought of pulling out the drill press when need to make a hole in the wall, there’s the delightfully butch lesbian Hillary Klint with her new webseries “Dyke it Yourself” to show you how to do-it-yourself.
Today Maggie Faris, the creator of “Dyke it Yourself” hosted by her alter ego Hilary Klint, joins us to look at the wild and wonderful world of how-to tv shows, from Martha Stewart to Amy Sedaris, from Cooking with Drag Queens to Dyke it Yourself!
➤ ABC’s new TV show Live in Front of a Studio Audience: The Facts of Life casts Kathryn Hahn as 80s lesbian icon Jo Polniaczek.
➤ Twitter says no to doxxing and revenge pron.
➤ Princess Butterheads at the Minnesota State Fair

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