130 - Nikolaus Volk, CEO of Kyte: Uber for Rental Cars, Mobility, Machine Learning at Kyte, Studying at Stanford


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Nikolaus Volk is the Founder and CEO of Kyte, a San-Francisco based Startup that delivers rental cars to your home. They help everyone to access rental cars with the simplicity of Uber.

A few facts about Nik:

  • He studied at Stanford and TU Munich
  • He worked at Uber for a few years
  • Kyte raised 9m for their expansion
  • Offices in Munich and San Francisco

We talked about:

  • The current mobility market and delivering an Uber for rental cars to the US market
  • Importance of Machine Learning at Kyte
  • Studying at Stanford vs. Studying in Germany
  • Hiring the right people

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