136 - Michael Bervell: Writing a book, Interviewing Jack Ma and leading entrepreneurs, African's Startup Ecosystem, Angel Investing and building a non-profit in his early days


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The nest guest is on board - Michael Bervell. MIchael is a Ghanaian-American angel-investor, entrepreneur, and author. He's the author of "Unlocking Unicorns", a book about the stories and habits of leading entrepreneurs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East (e.g. he personally interviewed Jack Ma for the book).

In 2007, he co-founded the non-profit "Hugs for" where he funraised over 500,000 $ in materials and monetary donations and impacted over 300,000 youths around the world. Because of his work, Bervell was awarded the National Caring Award in 2015 (alongside Pope Francis, Dikembe Mutombo, and 7 others).

He became the youngest President of the Harvard Club of Seattle and a former member of the Harvard Alumni Association after he studied in Harvard himself.

His various efforts led to a diverse set of awards, such as the GE-Lloyd Trotter Scholar (2018), World Internet Conference Wuzhen Scholar (2017), Walter C. Klein Scholar (2017), United Health Foundation Scholar (2016), Deutsche Bank Rise Into Success Scholar (2016), Blacks at Microsoft Scholar (2016) and many more.

We talked about this new book "Unlocking Unicorns", African's tech ecosystem, angel investing and many more topics.

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