Summer Season: Finding Peace with Richmond Appleton


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Feed Your Spirit: Join me, your host Jill Dobrowansky as I sit down with friends and nourish your spirit with stories of hope and encouragement with a whole lot of Jesus sprinkled in. At Feed Your Spirit, I like to say that we imperfectly perfect people who are uplifting others through grace-filled encouragement. I am so happy you joined me today! With the determination to consciously live in God’s word, I invite you to plug in, prepare your heart, and Feed Your Spirit.

On today's episode, I sit down and chat with author, inspirational personality, refugee, husband, and father, Richmond Bloh Appleton. Richmond shares his story of escaping war and terror to move to a country he knew nothing about. His unshakable will and faith helped him overcome great adversity. Richmond took the lessons he learned from his experiences and shared them with the world in his recent book, Finding Peace: A Refugee’s Story from Peril to Protection.

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