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CAUTION: This episode contains swearing and themes of an adult nature.

Today’s conversation is about unlocking your full potential, striving for peak performance and ‘going big’. My guest, Steven Kotler, lives and breathes ‘flow’. He’s an expert in this optimal state of consciousness, where we feel and perform at our best. And you don’t have to be part of the business or sporting elite to benefit from his research. Steven believes we can all attain flow, because as humans we’re hard-wired to achieve. Whether you’re taking a walk, writing an email or cooking a meal, you could find yourself in flow.

Steven is a prolific author, journalist and entrepreneur. He founded the Flow Research Collective, which uses neurobiological findings to train people to achieve peak performance in all walks of life. By understanding what’s going on in the brain and body when humans are performing at their best, his goal is to help us access the flow state more often and realise our full potential.

Flow is something I’ve written about in my own books and I describe it as being so absorbed in a pleasurable activity that time seems to disappear. Steven and I talk about how psychologists and neurobiologists identify and measure flow. He provides insights on the brain chemicals involved and we discuss the links between flow and happiness. We also uncover tools you can use to access this creative state; why initial struggles are part of the process, and why active recovery is vital if you want to avoid burnout.

This is a super-charged episode, packed with insights, information and enthusiasm. Steven is certainly an advert for the energy and productivity that results from seeking out a flow state. I hope this conversation sets you on a path to finding yours.

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