This Gen-Z brand asked 5000 teens what they wanted from a skincare company, and then created exactly that, with Shai Eisenman


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Today we are learning from Shai, the founder of Bubble. We’re talking through the approach they took with community and a specific blueprint for how they actually got 5000 teens involved before launch, they use gene pap too btw - which I thought was really cool - and a few thoughts on fundraising and why we should question what’s being celebrated in the media.

If you haven’t heard of it just yet, Bubble is a skincare brand for teens that’s replace those brands we’ve been using for decades, while being super fun. Highly recommend checking them out on tiktok. it’s definitely a vibe.

When I asked Shai what she would do with $1000 no strings attached cash, she immediately said market research on the platform perksy - which was a first time being mentioned - if you would like $1000 no strings attached cash remember we just kicked off our monthly cash giveaway and you can put yourself forward by going to
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