27. The Story of Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett | The Easey Street Murders


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On January 10, 1977, two friends were brutally murdered in their home at 147 Easey Street in Collingwood, Victoria in Australia. The 16-month-old son of one of the women was spared and left alone to cry in his cot for 3 days before neighbours finally entered the home to discover the gruesome scene. Despite many leads and a thorough police investigation the case went cold and for over 40 years their murders have gone unsolved. Most recently a $1 million dollar reward was offered to help renew interest in the case, as well as podcast episodes, books and a two-part Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories episode. This is the story of Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett, also known as the Easey Street Murders.
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