3.4 FENCE 37/38 Poetry and Fiction by Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, Jessica Holburn, Veronica Kuhn, Stella Corso, Mona Kareem, a smith, Laura Mullen, Ashunda Norris, Ted Dodson, Michael Holt, Adra Raine, Rob McLennan with Music by Dave JaVu


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Welcome to Fence Sounds, Season 3, Episode 3, with readings from the Fence Double print issue, number 37/38 Spring Summer 2021. I’m Jason Zuzga, one of the Nonfiction and Other editors of Fence the print journal, I’m also an editor of one of Fence’s online publication arms, Fence Steaming, found at fenceportal.org. Online at fencedigital.com we also have Constant Critic, edited by Emily Wallis Hughes, with a library of our reviews of poetry. Emily also edits Elecment on Fence Digital with experiments in media and poetry. Check out fenceportal.org/about to read essays by our editors including me plus a little essay I wrote about fence’s history. In this episode, you will hear a fantastic lineup of poets reading their poems along with a short piece of fiction. We open with Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, reading the poem "The Minister of the Cabinet of Bespoke Futures." After, Jessica Holburn reads the poem “Comprehensive Worry.” Next up is Veronic Kuhn reading “To and Fro.” Stella Corso reads the poem “I Went Back to the City. Mona Kareem reads the poem “The Room of Escape and Leisure” A Smith reads “The Rub, or Out pops the Genie.” Laura Mullen will read the poem Archive." We will hear a song by Dave JaVu called "undertow." Ashunda Norris will read the poems “For Jair”, an excerpt from the poem “Self Portrait as Teacher Burnout” and then "Lowdes County, Georgia 1918." Ted Dodson will read an untitled poem, Then Michael Holt will read his short story “What Was Left.” Adra Raine will read the poem "Malware." And Rob McLellan will round us out with "Four Poems for Fence." We close with the song Sunkissed by Dave JaVu, whose many other songs you can listen to on Soundcloud.
Hosted by Jason Zuzga, author of the poetry collection Heat Wake and one of the Nonfiction and Other editors of FENCE.
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Fence Steaming, found at Fenceportal.org, with such offerings as a print and audio collaboration POEMS FROM WHERE HERE WERE WE by Charles Bernstein and Norman Fischer, an essay by Adoley Ammah-Tagoe, METROPOLIS: SCRAPS FROM ACCRA, GHANA, and an essay

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