#36 FEPS Talks: Inequalities and health: a worrisome tie worsened by the pandemic


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A conversation between Professors Kate Picket and Richard Wilkinson and Dr. David Rinaldi, FEPS Director of Studies and Policy

The epidemiologists and political activists, authors of “The Spirit Level" and "The Inner Level" explain why more equality delivers healthier societies. The COVID19 pandemic shows how inequalities have a direct effect on health outcomes as the vulnerable are mostly affected. They warn about other kinds of pandemics that needs a strong policy response: pollution, obesity, global warming, discrimination. To tackle these problems grassroots movements and citizens' mobilisation are needed. There are some proposals on the table that need to be pushed through; from a universal basic income, to a relaunch of public services, job guarantees, etc. Kate and Richard also reflect on the legitimacy of state intervention, which in these times of crisis, expanded to limit some basic freedoms. How to ensure that the public sector steps in for the public good and not with illiberal manners?

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