#37 FEPS Talks: Economy, society and race: an EU-US reflection


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Professor James K. Galbraith and FEPS Secretary General László Andor

FEPS Secretary General László Andor speaks with Prof. James K. Galbraith (University of Texas at Austin). They discuss the extraordinary economic crisis of 2020: how it compares to the previous Great Recession, and where a comparative assessment of the US and EU experiences of crisis response would lead to. Have politicians learned anything from the previous crises and the consequences of those? Is there a connection between the COVID-19 recession and the new wave of protest movements against racism and police brutality in the United States? Prof. Galbraith clarifies whether there is a link between Donald Trump and the current wave of anti-racist demonstrations, provides a succinct description of the emerging Democratic campaign and also elaborates on the meaning of progressive reform in the US.

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